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My ‘Thirst’ Got Real at a Coffee Shop

We all have those thirsty phases. Actually, let’s be real, I’m pretty much thirsty at all times. I’m in a constant state of thirst. Perhaps you are too. Maybe we should join a support group. For those of you who don’t know, being “thirsty” doesn’t just mean you need a tall glass of water to drink. It also could mean that you are desperate for some male/female attention (depending on what you like or what you’re in the mood for that day) and you make it so obviously known that it makes you look unattractive and just plain old THIRSTY. You can’t always stop the thirst. Sometimes you just wanna quench, but what you can do is learn to control it, or keep your thirst under wraps. I shamelessly demonstrated some intense thirst this week. Advertisements

How to Make Someone Love You (Part One)

Sometimes in life, there comes a moment when you meet a person who catches your eye and grabs your attention. You want them to like you. You want them to love you. If you want to be successful in getting someone to notice you, then there are a few tips I can share. These work best when you meet someone in a work environment, a group, or classroom setting. **DISCLAIMER** These tips only work if you’re super nice and a cool person. If you’re a rude bitch all the time and no one likes you ever, then you’re shit out of luck. Tip #1: Demonstrate how cool you are A new person entering your territory is scoping out everyone to see what’s up. They want the low down of what’s going on so they can fit in. So they are super observant. When you’re around the new person, make sure you are cool and funny with other co-workers, friends etc. The more they see how cool you are with other people, the more intrigued they …

The Bold Bitch Diaries | Part Two: The Homemaker and the Homewrecker

I didn’t quite understand exactly how this would all go down. I was pretty certain that I was into this guy, but at the same time I felt like maybe I was just lonely. Loneliness can mess with a person, especially the longer loneliness sticks around. I have friends, yes, but there comes a point in someones life when he or she starts believing in the lie, the lie that if no one shows their interest in you, you must be uninteresting. That may or not have been the case with me.

3 Ways to Spot a Thirsty Facebook Friend

As spinsters, sometimes we start acting too thirsty. To say someone is thirsty, is to say someone is way too eager for love and attention. Eagerness is not an attractive trait at all. No one wants to give you the time of day if you actin’ thirsty. There are thirsties everywhere and some of them are on your Facebook friends list. These aren’t the people you talk to daily, or close friends, these are people who only wish they knew you. Here are some ways you can identify a thirsty person on Facebook by the posts they like on your page. Knowing this will also help prevent you from doing the same thing.