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What We Judge About Ourselves Shows Up in How We Judge Others

There are many facets to how and why we judge others. Today specifically, I wanted to discuss how when we disconnect from pain, we disconnect from empathy for others who are going through a similar pain. Until we are truly liberated from that pain by facing it head on, it will come up in the way we judge others. I’m still working through my own healing and learning how to hold empathy for those who behave in ways that I now reject, and remember that they too are the same as me. We are all the same. The most important thing to remember is we must look at ourselves with love and share that in connecting with others. In the words of thought leader Gabrielle Bernstein, “The moment we release judgment, unity is restored — and each shift from judgment to unity is a miracle.” xx Manulani   Advertisements


I KNOW NOW THAT THE DARKNESS I HAD SEEN WAS MY OWN SHADOW. * * * Cut it off, run now. Don’t look back. You must go missing for him to learn how to miss you. I pack my proverbial suitcase and head for the door. I look back and know that what is left will not be the same if I returned. But returning is not an option, at least not now. I must learn to keep my feet moving past the door, out to the street, into a cab and set dynamite across the bridge as I cross over the canyon. Never to return. Without him, I may never know if this house we painted pink would have ever been a home. With him, the walls breath in staggered paces, huffing and puffing as if their lungs had been filled for centuries with the toxic fumes of my own self-loathing—gasping to make out the word: “Run.” * * * But I do stop running. I return. From winter in Phoenix to a 79-degree night …

I’m Scared I’m Not Who They Think I Am (Or What They Want Me to Be)

I wrote this in my journal a couple weeks ago as I kept feeling the blockage of my own false belief system stifle me from living in the present–of feeling like I needed to be everything I could to belong. I am sharing for the same reason I always share my mess, to connect with people who feel it too.  I so desperately seek to not be lonely and yet I isolate myself in fear of seeming like a bore or disconnected. When I wake up, the list of things I want to accomplish are heavily overwhelming to the point where I just lie there contemplating what to do first. I have an idea of what I want to do and see being around people as distracting me from those tasks. But then I end up feeling lonely throughout my day wondering when I might happen upon a stranger who comes up to me in those moments and thrusts me into adventure. And clouded by my own trunk of tasks, if I do make the effort …

What I Learned Through Image Making Meditation

Hi loves! Today we are discussing how to channel our heart’s true desires and how it may not always be what you expected. Through a guided meditation with life coach Gabrielle Bernstein (author of The Universe Has Your Back and May Cause Miracles), you will begin to uncover the images of who you truly are and who you want to become. For a guided meditation click here. For me, I thought I wanted major speaking opportunities to inspire people, book signings and huge career success. But what I discovered was something else entirely, and what my heart really wants shocked even myself. I shared my experience in the video below. I’d love to hear about the images you saw through this meditation! I hope this serves you. xx Manulani

5 Things I Learned from Therapy

Editor’s Note: I was deeply moved by my dear friend Austin’s video on therapy and how it’s helped him deal with anxiety and depression. Beautiful to see he’s sharing his story, honored to be sharing it with you.  “I don’t think I need therapy. I view it, kind of, as a weakness.” The most common, and annoying, thing people say about going to a therapist is the above statement. Obviously in different ways, but you catch my drift. I think people are fearful because being explicitly honest with someone can somewhat seem taxing on a person, but I’m here to assure you that it’s not. In my recent sessions, I have left feeling empowered, joyful, and ready to take on this insane world. I never thought that I would be able to wake up and root for myself again. I thought my life was going to end up as that iconic scene where Alice is falling down that black hole of confusion forever. What is my point? What does this all mean? Well, I’m not almighty …

On Letting Go of the Outcome and Staying in the Present Moment

As artists looking to build a platform to share our work, we can often get distracted by what the outcome might be. Sometimes, our ego’s desire to be validated externally can get in the way of our true purpose, the purpose of why we create in the first place. If your intention is coming from a pure and loving place, it’s important to stay in the present. There is always love in the present moment of what you’re doing now. I hope this serves you. xx Manulani

April Book Club Pick: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

Welcome back, #QSBookClub friends! For this month’s book club pick, I wanted to share with you an incredible memoir that may seem like just a book about redeeming a marriage, but really, it is a book about self-trust, facing pain head on, and opening your eyes to the light within you to heal. This author has truly become a guiding light in my life and she has no idea. By sharing her journey, the authenticity of her work and genuine intentions have led me to my own truth and have brought me closer to my authentic self. It is because of this book that I have begun to manifest the desires of my heart, and find peace through struggle. April 2017 #QSBookClub Pick Our April Book Club read is LOVE WARRIOR: A MEMOIR by Glennon Doyle Melton! Where to Buy the Book Love Warrior is available wherever books are sold and the hardcover is currently on sale at Amazon for only $11! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Target <<SIGN UP HERE>> Live Book Discussion On Tuesday, April 25 at …

Letting Go of the Negative Thoughts About Ourselves [VIDEO]

Hi loves! Creating videos for this blog has been on my heart for some time now, and while the ideas have been circulating in my head I knew that I had to start right away and not wait until I had the right camera or production lights. So now we begin! Today I want to talk about  the negative thoughts we have about ourselves and how important it is to laugh at them. A few weeks ago, I touched on what A Course in Miracles refers to as ‘tiny mad ideas’ in a blog post called, Winter as a Time of Healing. In this video we will discuss our inner belief system reflects in the world around us, why true change and perception begins within, and of course, how to laugh at those tiny mad ideas. I hope this video helps in some way! xoxo Manulani Related: I Have Always Known Who I Am but I Didn’t Know I Was Enough The First Cold Night I Turned a Man Into the Devil In Order to Rebuke Him

Never Be Afraid to Share Your Heart

In this life, I have learned that the ‘fear voice’ is not one to listen to when it comes to matters of the heart. Rather, it’s intuition, your inner spirit guide that can hold you up. It will show you the desires of your heart. If you trust in it, and arrive with pure intention, you are unbreakable. Speaking from my own experiences, I’ve held back on showing love to people from my past and present, all because I was afraid of what their reaction would be. Would they shut me down? Would they tell me I’m wrong? Would they respond at all? These questions are the fear. And by shutting these down, I clear all the blocks and listen to what my spirit is calling me to do. If your intention is to get a response at all, then you have to seriously think about your real intention. When you let the universe guide you to a calling, you may or may not receive the response you were looking for, but you will find the one …

Winter as a Time of Healing

I hide away, holding myself close as my inner guide whispers softly, “Everything is going to be alright.” I stroke my left forearm with my right hand, up and down until my chest reduces to a steady drumbeat. I throw my hands up in the air, fall to my knees and say, “I surrender.” I surrender to the pain in that moment because it has a job to do. It has an occupation, a resume, a portfolio, an agenda. A briefcase, even. It came with a purpose. And I allow it to fulfill their duty. I allow myself to be audited, to mark down the notes of what is going on right now in this moment so it can be handled. I sit still for a moment to cry and as I finish crying, I smile. I smile because I know that while I purge the grainy, muddy goop that comes from the bellows beneath me—spilling out on to the floor—I know this also means a new era is coming. A fresh start, a stronger …