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Tell Me I’m Pretty, I Already Know I’m Funny

Tell me I’m funny, I already know I’m pretty. It’s an interesting statement and frequent theme in pop culture. We are so obsessed with looks and appearances, what to wear, who to be seen with, how to carry yourself. We put more pressure on women and men (especially women and gay men) to achieve a status of perfect beauty. And even if they can’t reach perfection, it’s expected to at least try. Advertisements

B is for BOLD: My New York Summer Meltdown (Part One)

Oh LAWD. What am I doing…why am I on the floor right now…why am I crying? I knew leading up to this that I had yet to reach my low point, but I didn’t think it would happen on a night when my best friend was visiting me in New York City. Poor Penny. Homegirl didn’t know I was about to be leavin’ her at a New York nightclub on her first visit to the city. So much SMH on my end. So much emotional instability.

Guest Post: Don’t Be a Poser

This is a public service announcement By Tiffany Hopkins I shall begin with my definition of a poser, because everyone has a slightly different one. POSER /ˈpoʊzər/ – Someone who is pretending. They can pretend in any aspect of his/her life, whether it is their personality, style, interests, hobbies, friends or even their beliefs. Synonym: faker (P.S. anything including the word fake is never good. Purses can be fake, people should not be.) Posers aren’t bad people, but no one knows “the real” them. Hell, they don’t even know the real them. That being said, I have a great tale for all you curious readers. The Back Story During my senior year of high school, I had a friend named Jared Peterson (FYI: We are no longer friends. I’ll consider telling you why later.) Jared was an awesome lad, a good-looking skinny, hippie man who had plans of moving to India by the age of 25. His girlfriend was the sweetest girl anyone could ever meet. Her name was Sarah, and she was just precious. …

Guest Post: People Pleasers: Do You, Girl!

If you’re gonna be a mess, be a HOT mess By Sydney Bowen I am the 21-year-old, white girl version of Dr. Mindy Lahiri. If you haven’t seen The Mindy Project, you’re probably thinking, “What is this girl talking about?” Reader’s Digest version for those who haven’t seen it: Mindy is a successful and hilarious doctor living in New York; and aside from all her professional success, she’s a mess. Her personal life is kind of in shambles. Mindy once (accidentally) picked up a male hooker and decides to “Pretty Woman” him after he shakes her down for money. She also bailed her own mugger out of jail. I mean does this sound like someone who has it all figured out? I often find myself doing the exact things that Mindy does. No, I’ve never accidentally taken home a male prostitute. I’ve never done it on purpose either, just to clear that up. I’ve also never been mugged, but I’d probably guilt trip myself into thinking that I should help the sucker who mugged me. …

Guest Post: Online Dating is a Joke

By Kat Eugenio Recently, in true spinster fashion, I hit rock bottom and signed up for a dating site (This is a public shaming of me).  I haven’t dated much (Seriously, stop now), so the only relationship experience I have to go off of is that of my overly dramatic, spinster best friend (Thanks, man). (Because this is how I think dating should work— Except you should ALWAYS use the correct form of “you’re”) Apparently, guys on the internet are willing to look past the fact that I only ever want to eat ice cream and watch TV in my underwear. Their desperation bumps me up to an “out of your league” status–the key is being hopeless and awkward and desperate for love. The messages asking for wild nights are still rolling in (I just want to lay down and hug). There is no greater self esteem booster than when some supah hot rando tool bag wants to get into my lady parts. Not only do you feel pretty and confident but you get the …

Bold Bitch and the City | Part Two: Getting Settled

Here I am again. Back to Spinsterville. I’m sitting at my desk, writing and drinking mocha infused coffee (made with an INDIVIDUAL coffee maker). I’m wearing a cardigan because it’s a little chilly in here #grannyswag. I live in a student residence hall because it’s fully furnished, cheap(er), and close to the city (not to mention, it comes with a TV). Living in a double room all by myself, I get to look at an empty bed across from me and listen to all the other rooms become filled with laughter and friendship. The best part is, I get two closets #gayboyswag. It was definitely my choice to live in a double room by myself. I really do treasure my lonesome time. But it’s going to be a little difficult to make friends in this building since I don’t live with anyone. Did I mention my room is at the end of the hall in the corner? Yeah, people probably walk past it and think, “Oh that’s where the old spinster lady lives. She’s been …

A Proper Introduction

Hey boo, my name is Robert Soares. I am an Arizona State University junior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, majoring in journalism and specializing in PR. I’m kind of a mess (an organized mess) who lives for pop culture and being a bad ass (girl, I’m strugglin’). I am in the process of writing a book titled, “Skittles for Breakfast” about my tragic high school love life and the people from my teenage years who have made me who I am today.

My 17th Birthday

There is nothing more obnoxious than some attention loving drama queen walking around school on her birthday carrying fifteen hundred balloons (in various colors), a pink wand covered in glitter with a star attached to the top that reads “It’s My Birthday!”, while still managing to hold a pan of half eaten chocolate cake like the way a waitress would when bringing a platter to a table. Well, turns out this year, that bitch is me.