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I have an announcement

As I near the end of my college career, I look back at all the wonderful memories I’ve created with friends and family. I truly feel like I’ve done a lot in the past three years and it’s been quite the experience. But I’m not done. And there’s still more for me to do before I walk across that stage in my cap and gown, come May 14. So…I am beginning a project that may require some help from you all. Advertisements

Introducing Jayden Tucker

The following is an excerpt from a book I’m writing called, “Skittles for Breakfast”. Chapter Four: Hot Pursuit “You have really pretty eyes. I like the way they look when the sun shines on your face,” he said with that cheesy Disney Channel movie smile. I swallowed my first bite of cafeteria chicken wrap as he waited for my response from across the lunch table. “Shut up, don’t talk to me.” I told him sassily. (Sassily. A word I didn’t think existed until my word processor granted me the right to use it by sparing the red squiggly line of failure).

Jayden Tucker: Why Do You Hate Me?

Flaunting a green sash around campus proved to be quite attention getting, something I endorsed to climb the ranks in the High School Hierarchy system. Throughout most of my childhood, I dreamed of one day being crowned Ms. America, but my dose of reality sunk in after my mother said it was inappropriate for an eight year old boy to be wearing high heeled shoes. I then told her that it was inappropriate to be wearing Mom Jeans at the age of twenty eight.