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What We Judge About Ourselves Shows Up in How We Judge Others

There are many facets to how and why we judge others. Today specifically, I wanted to discuss how when we disconnect from pain, we disconnect from empathy for others who are going through a similar pain. Until we are truly liberated from that pain by facing it head on, it will come up in the way we judge others. I’m still working through my own healing and learning how to hold empathy for those who behave in ways that I now reject, and remember that they too are the same as me. We are all the same. The most important thing to remember is we must look at ourselves with love and share that in connecting with others. In the words of thought leader Gabrielle Bernstein, “The moment we release judgment, unity is restored — and each shift from judgment to unity is a miracle.” xx Manulani  


I KNOW NOW THAT THE DARKNESS I HAD SEEN WAS MY OWN SHADOW. * * * Cut it off, run now. Don’t look back. You must go missing for him to learn how to miss you. I pack my proverbial suitcase and head for the door. I look back and know that what is left will not be the same if I returned. But returning is not an option, at least not now. I must learn to keep my feet moving past the door, out to the street, into a cab and set dynamite across the bridge as I cross over the canyon. Never to return. Without him, I may never know if this house we painted pink would have ever been a home. With him, the walls breath in staggered paces, huffing and puffing as if their lungs had been filled for centuries with the toxic fumes of my own self-loathing—gasping to make out the word: “Run.” * * * But I do stop running. I return. From winter in Phoenix to a 79-degree night …

What I Learned Through Image Making Meditation

Hi loves! Today we are discussing how to channel our heart’s true desires and how it may not always be what you expected. Through a guided meditation with life coach Gabrielle Bernstein (author of The Universe Has Your Back and May Cause Miracles), you will begin to uncover the images of who you truly are and who you want to become. For a guided meditation click here. For me, I thought I wanted major speaking opportunities to inspire people, book signings and huge career success. But what I discovered was something else entirely, and what my heart really wants shocked even myself. I shared my experience in the video below. I’d love to hear about the images you saw through this meditation! I hope this serves you. xx Manulani

On Letting Go of the Outcome and Staying in the Present Moment

As artists looking to build a platform to share our work, we can often get distracted by what the outcome might be. Sometimes, our ego’s desire to be validated externally can get in the way of our true purpose, the purpose of why we create in the first place. If your intention is coming from a pure and loving place, it’s important to stay in the present. There is always love in the present moment of what you’re doing now. I hope this serves you. xx Manulani

When Sex Becomes Validation

He finished inside me. Got up, pulled off the condom and took it with him to the bathroom. I lied there naked, alone in the dark. I heard the shower turn on. As he washed himself off I pulled my clothes back on. I tried to find my underwear but it took me a second to locate them in the darkness. I pulled the curtains open just a bit to let the moonlight pour in. I found them, next to my side of the bed. He came but I hadn’t yet. He didn’t help me out there. But it’s OK. He’s the best I ever had. I don’t know any better. When he comes back to bed, he no longer wants to hold me. He turns away. I lie back down and find myself staring through the crack I made in the blinds, drawn to the moon glow illuminating San Francisco. He’s quiet. And within a few minutes, I know he’s asleep. My heart is full but my mind is clear. He’ll be the worst …

Diary of a Gay Spinster: A Look Inside (EPISODE ONE)

B is for Bold “Diary of a Gay Spinster: A Look Inside” is a 4-part series that brings together film, writing, music and fashion. It is with these four things that I am able to express my thoughts and my work, and share my experiences in order to better understand our journeys in life. Topics include: being bold, body image, suicide, creative non-fiction, success and knowing your worth. Today we bring to you episode one: B is for Bold. xoxo Robby Rob

My Summer Fling with Chandler Bing (Part Two)

Read Part One here. MY COOL BOSTON GUY I looked at Josh like he was the greatest thing in the world. We were surrounded by magnificent buildings and views in the center of Manhattan on 51st and Lexington, taking a break at a peaceful fountain on our trek to my apartment. But the cityscape didn’t matter. The fact that I was starving didn’t matter. All that mattered was him at that moment. And I couldn’t help but smile.

Jayden Tucker: Why Do You Hate Me?

Flaunting a green sash around campus proved to be quite attention getting, something I endorsed to climb the ranks in the High School Hierarchy system. Throughout most of my childhood, I dreamed of one day being crowned Ms. America, but my dose of reality sunk in after my mother said it was inappropriate for an eight year old boy to be wearing high heeled shoes. I then told her that it was inappropriate to be wearing Mom Jeans at the age of twenty eight.