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Guest Post: Secret Life: I’m Dating Five Fictional TV Characters

by Samantha Hancey There is an increasing trend on my Facebook news feed with date nights turned into engagements, weddings, baby showers and then so on and so forth. There’s even the occasional “ladies night” that turns that into a “couples thing.” These are the things that makes me open my bottle of wine and settle into another Saturday night at home with Olive (the cat). While I’m poppin’ the cork on a bottle of cabernet and turning on my Netflix, I realize, “Who needs a boyfriend when I have lots of cute boys at the click of a button?”

9 Things My Grandma Taught Me

 If you want to know where I get my fierceness from, you could look at my mother, but we are going even further up the family tree…to her mother, my GRAM. While being gorgeous and all around flawless, my grandma has taught me a lot. She’s the fiercest woman I know, and she always will be. Here are just 9 of the many things she has taught me.  9: Walk like you mean it. Look, there’s no time to waste, alright? When you walk, you walk with purpose. You walk like you’ve got somewhere important to be. When people ask me why I walk so fast, this is why. In fact, Gram walks faster than I do. She’s got the walk down. This is the first step to becoming a bold bitch. via: 8: Hands on hips means business. Seriously though, when you’re trying to deal with basics, you know, those people who are just too out of touch with the Bold Bitch lifestyle, you put your hands on your hips to show them what’s …