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Guest Post: I Dated a Felon

by Cassie Miller As you may or may not know, I do the online dating “thing”. I really wish I kept a list of the guys I’ve talked to, but it might be more embarrassing than handy. I’d venture to say I have talked to over 100 guys (I am always talking to at least one). Of the guys I have talked to, I have met 4 of them (and dated one). That’s about a 1% success rate (better than my “real life dating” success rate, hollahhhh!) Advertisements

Guest Post: Online Dating is a Joke

By Kat Eugenio Recently, in true spinster fashion, I hit rock bottom and signed up for a dating site (This is a public shaming of me).  I haven’t dated much (Seriously, stop now), so the only relationship experience I have to go off of is that of my overly dramatic, spinster best friend (Thanks, man). (Because this is how I think dating should work— Except you should ALWAYS use the correct form of “you’re”) Apparently, guys on the internet are willing to look past the fact that I only ever want to eat ice cream and watch TV in my underwear. Their desperation bumps me up to an “out of your league” status–the key is being hopeless and awkward and desperate for love. The messages asking for wild nights are still rolling in (I just want to lay down and hug). There is no greater self esteem booster than when some supah hot rando tool bag wants to get into my lady parts. Not only do you feel pretty and confident but you get the …