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Lady Gaga Supports Undocumented Citizens

When Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour first came to Arizona in July 2010, she told the audience that other people in the music industry wanted her to boycott Arizona because of SB1070, also known as The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act. At the time of the concert, SB1070 was just a bill but has now since been signed into law. The law obligates Arizona police to pull over anyone of “reasonable suspicion” to determine whether or not they are undocumented by checking for a valid license or other documents. “We need to be active, we have to actively protest,” Lady Gaga said. “The nature of The Monster Ball is to actively protest prejudice and injustice and that (expletive) that is put on our society as a youth because you’re a superstar no matter who you are, or where you come from and you were born that way. I will not cancel my show, I will yell and I will scream louder, and I will hold you and we will hold each other …

10 Reasons Why My Mom Deserves An Award for Dealing With My Sh**

#1 When I was 12, she once got a guy who worked at the movie theater concession stand fired because he said to me, “Why do you have to be so difficult?” Excuse me sir, but there are three types of pretzels to choose from here and I can’t decide if I want something sweet or salty. In any case, it wouldn’t be the last time a man would say those exact words to me.