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Why We Have to Let Go of Our Soul Mates

Photo by Noemi Gonzalez. Perhaps you’ve felt it. A strange mystical connection with a person you just can’t seem to ignore. It’s difficult to understand but it’s there, instant, intense and vibrant. You hit it off right away and it’s as if you’ve known each other your entire life. But then things start to get hard, really hard. And soon, you find yourself in more pain and heartache over this person and less of the love and laughter you used to have. But this connection. This connection. It’s undeniable. It’s cosmic. It’s real. But the truth is, it’s not good for you. And at some point, you need to let go.

My Ex Was Right for Dumping Me and Other 2015 Confessions

2015 (The Year of the Sheep) was a jolly fun time for heartbreak, triumph, renewal, personal growth, self-reflection and newfound spiritual connections (much like most of everyone’s years) and it’s always lovely to look back on it and really understand what the f**k went down. What did I learn? What did I takeaway from these experiences? So for shits and giggles (do people still say that? The answer is probably ‘nah’) I wrote out some of my darkest 2015 confessions and maybe y’all can relate. Check it. My ex-boyfriend was totally right for dumping me It might be hard to swallow at first but before you resent someone for dumping you, it’s important to take into account why you were broken up with in the first place. Often times, it has nothing to do and more so to do with how you are stifling their personal growth. Why hold that against someone? It’s easy to do – and in some cases, the person who dumped you might have been a complete and total asshole – but …

Short Talks: A Discussion on Creativity, Self-Reflection and Moving On

Hey boo hey! I met with my girl K. Short at Jobot Coffee to talk about some ish. Some real ish. Like career ish. Writing ish. Love ish. Personal growth ish. Creative ish. There’s six parts. Get into it. xoxo Robby Rob On writing… On archiving your life… On our last year and “fall awakening”… On moving on… On honoring your creativity… Follow K. Short on her YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 

If Liz Gilbert Sits Down Next To You, Try Not to Cry

I was fucking stoked to be there. Tucked away in the Napa Valley hills, we sat in a grand ballroom at the Meritage Resort and Spa. If it wasn’t for my boss co-sponsoring the event and buying my ticket, I would have had no business being there. Rich women dressed warmly, cozied up in name-brand scarves and coats from their department store of choice (Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, maybe) waiting in line to see their hero. My hero. Elizabeth Gilbert. I stood watching, absorbing their energy as they filled in with coffees or hot tea in hand. I felt completely at ease surrounded by liberal left-wing new-age enthusiasts. While most of the women were in their middle age, these were my people. These were my homegirls. I knew then that I would have no problem opening up during Liz Gilbert’s first-ever writers workshop. I also had no problem dressing the way I wanted to. Again, I was with my people. I felt it was necessary to break out my black cotton-blended man cape. Keep in mind that capes once made Oprah’s Favorite …

6 Signs That Just May Prove You Have a F–kboy on Your Hands

{PART ONE} This past weekend has been quite a reflective one. I don’t know about you but I still have the shakes after Adele dropped that track on us like we ain’t got jobs…like how you gonna impose on my day like that? I had no choice but to watch that music video all night and cry while eating Taco Bell and Talenti Pumpkin Pie gelato. God, Adele, why do this?

9 Reasons Why I’d Make a Wonderful Boyfriend

Last week, I posted nine reasons why I would make a terrible boyfriend. The items listed were accurate but I sure did receive a few text messages from friends saying I was too hard on myself. In an effort to make my friends happy and not completely ruin my mother’s chances of having grandchildren, I decided to share 9 reasons why I think I could possibly (maybe) make a good boyfriend.