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4 Tips on How to Stop Stalking Your Ex on Instagram

Hey boo hey. We have all been there, creepin’ on the person who’s no longer a part of your life, trying to see how they’re doing without ya. It’s addicting. It can become a sick game really. Especially when the other person is posting clues for you to come across. And then you react by posting something passive-aggressive. And then it’s just a mess, honey. Now, my most unhealthy relationships have never been with a boyfriend (because I haven’t exactly been in a relationship oops lmao) but hey, ya live and ya learn. The example I’ll be using to show you how I learned to stop stalking is not somebody I dated but most certainly had an intense relationship with, but that’s not important this is about the LESSONS below. Anyhoo, here are 4 tips on how to stop the stalking behavior. 1. You have to want to stop First step is most important because if you don’t want to stop then you won’t. Duh. So let’s start there. Typically it takes seeing something quite painful or …

6 Signs That Just May Prove You Have a F–kboy on Your Hands

{PART ONE} This past weekend has been quite a reflective one. I don’t know about you but I still have the shakes after Adele dropped that track on us like we ain’t got jobs…like how you gonna impose on my day like that? I had no choice but to watch that music video all night and cry while eating Taco Bell and Talenti Pumpkin Pie gelato. God, Adele, why do this?

9 Reasons Why I’d Make a Wonderful Boyfriend

Last week, I posted nine reasons why I would make a terrible boyfriend. The items listed were accurate but I sure did receive a few text messages from friends saying I was too hard on myself. In an effort to make my friends happy and not completely ruin my mother’s chances of having grandchildren, I decided to share 9 reasons why I think I could possibly (maybe) make a good boyfriend.

Spring Awakening: Part Two

The following is the second chapter of a four-part series titled, “Spring Awakening.” Within two months I dated two people who both played significant roles in shaping how I view life, love and happiness. What I learned along the way surprised me.  This is Part Two.  I love driving down Rio Salado Parkway late at night. As someone who absolutely loathes confinement and restriction, there is a a freeing and peaceful force when driving with the windows rolled down on a lonely road, passing through each green light as the street lamps cast staggering shadows across your path. Genie looked so good tonight. As we became the beat of the music blasting on the radio, he removed his beanie and shook his long hair out of its cage, and pushed his back up against the passenger door. He tipped his head out through the window, letting his hair fly above the wind, combing it with his fingers and crooning along to the tune.

The Mr. High School Diaries | Part One: Dating Girls

I received the text message. It was late at night on a Tuesday, and I had an English assignment due the next day. Ninth grade English class is just so difficult. The text read: “We need to break up.” I was disappointed but not exactly saddened. Lindsay and I had only been dating for like a week. AIN’T NOBODY GON’ BE HEARTBROKEN OVER DAT SHIT. (Exception: If Darren Criss and I were to be in a five minute relationship that ended most likely because he realized I am completely insane, then I would cry for days, call off work, drop out of school, and go on an “Eat, Pray, Love” adventure to find myself.) I didn’t know how to respond exactly, I was just so dumbfounded. I mean, come on, I’m pretty attractive. So, I simply said: “Why?” It took a good ten minutes to get back a response and I wasn’t sure how long it would take. Finally, she replied: “God doesn’t want us to date anymore.” WHAT?! GOD TOLD YOU TO BREAK UP …