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Spring Awakening: Part Three

The following is the third chapter of a series titled, “Spring Awakening.” Within two months I dated two people who both played significant roles in shaping how I view life, love and happiness. What I learned along the way surprised me.  This is Part Three.  I absolutely loathe getting tickled. Every time I see a bitch coming at me with their arms spread out, fingers wiggling, indicating a sign of pure sadistic terror, I flinch, flail, scream and run away. It’s such a prevalent fear in my life that even if someone swiftly reaches out their hand to say, ‘hello’ or greet me with a surprise hug, I run for the hills. Genie loved to tickle me.

I’m Done Feeling Ashamed of My Body

What will it take for us to stop feeling so ashamed about our bodies? On multiple occasions, I have found myself looking at the mirror, pulling and pushing at different body parts, struggling to imagine what my body would look like if I could just lose at least 15 pounds. I have had moments where I find myself completely disgusting and repulsive, so much so that I would make up excuses not to go out when I had plans. I’ve missed a wedding, two networking events, a halloween party, and several other events where my presence was requested. I even almost backed out of going to New York City for the first time, and had I listened to my insecurities, I never would have interned in NYC last summer. I have backed out and I have refused invites because I “didn’t feel good” when really, “I didn’t look good.” Or at least, that was what I would tell myself.

B is for BOLD: My New York Summer Meltdown (Part One)

Oh LAWD. What am I doing…why am I on the floor right now…why am I crying? I knew leading up to this that I had yet to reach my low point, but I didn’t think it would happen on a night when my best friend was visiting me in New York City. Poor Penny. Homegirl didn’t know I was about to be leavin’ her at a New York nightclub on her first visit to the city. So much SMH on my end. So much emotional instability.