Meet the Spinsters: Zach


Guten tag!

My name is Zachary Fonaas and I hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I am a 19-year-old aspiring celebrity/socialite currently studying journalism at Arizona State University.

I enjoy themed parties, lip-synching, rap music, doing backhand springs, and the beautiful Ryan Seacrest (my idol). I am the youngest and favorite child in my family, which allows me to get away with a lot more shenanigans that my older brother and sister never, and will never, have the advantage of. For example, going to college out-of-state, accidently hitting the garage door with my car on multiple occasions, and throwing some parties at the house here and there. Sorry siblings, I’m just more liked than y’all!

When I’m not being the favorite and most remarkable person in my family, I like to get back to my grind as a dietary aide (fancy word for serving food and shit like that) at a nursing home. Those old bitches remind me everyday that our youth is too short to not be enjoying it, even if you’re a spinster!

Follow Zach on Twitter @ZacharyFonaas and check out his Vine videos. You will be in love!


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