Meet the Spinsters: Sydney


Sydney Bowen | Contributing Writer



Hey girl (or boy), hey. My name is Sydney Bowen.

I am an aspiring Stylist, a self proclaimed comedian, a seasoned equestrian, and a nanny extraordinaire. I’ll snatch your kids up (from school and their various after school activities).

I often compare myself to the likes of Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Handler, minus the fact that I’m not an alcoholic or Indian. However, I love to critique celebs for their stupid choices they make a la Chelsea Handler, and have you ever seen The Mindy Project? I’m the 20, almost 21, white girl version of the main character. I haven’t decided if that’s a flattering or embarrassing comparison. It’s probably a little bit of both.

I’m probably not nearly as funny as I think I am, but even if my joke’s not funny, I invite you to laugh at my strange laugh. Or you can choose to laugh at the fact that I suck at relationships. Details to come.


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