Meet the Spinsters: Cassie

Cassie Miller | Contributing Writer



‘Sup, betches?! I’m Cassie and I am pretty freakin’ rad. By “rad” I really mean a complete shit show. Like, watching three seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in a little over a day kind of shit show. In my spare time (which, really, is all the time), I take an exorbitant amount of selfies, plan my wedding on Pinterest, and fall in love with every boy I talk to.

I recently graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Communication Studies and although I was expecting to having some big revelation as I walked across the stage, quite the opposite happened. I realized that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with my life. I’m a lost soul. My life is a blank piece of paper. It’s nothing but has the potential to be everything at the same time. It can be folded, torn, repaired, edited, and built-upon. It can become absolutely anything I want it to become; a thought that is both empowering and downright terrifying at the same time.

While trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life professionally, I am also handling this weird thing we call dating (whoever thought dating was a cool thing to do needs to be burned at the stake), becoming a more independent adult (I will move out of my parents house someday), living vicariously through my sexual goddess of a friend, Vivian, and trying to navigate the world without spending all my money, losing too much of my mind, and remembering to appreciate the little things.

I hope my contributions to Diary of a Gay Spinster convince at least one person to do whatever the hell they want, date whoever the hell they want, and to not be afraid make mistakes. You don’t really know yourself and what you’re capable of until you’ve fallen for the wrong person, been hurt, convinced yourself that they other person is an certified asshole, drank mass amounts of alcohol, and moved the fuck on.


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