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What We Judge About Ourselves Shows Up in How We Judge Others

There are many facets to how and why we judge others. Today specifically, I wanted to discuss how when we disconnect from pain, we disconnect from empathy for others who are going through a similar pain. Until we are truly liberated from that pain by facing it head on, it will come up in the way we judge others. I’m still working through my own healing and learning how to hold empathy for those who behave in ways that I now reject, and remember that they too are the same as me. We are all the same. The most important thing to remember is we must look at ourselves with love and share that in connecting with others. In the words of thought leader Gabrielle Bernstein, “The moment we release judgment, unity is restored — and each shift from judgment to unity is a miracle.” xx Manulani  

What I Learned Through Image Making Meditation

Hi loves! Today we are discussing how to channel our heart’s true desires and how it may not always be what you expected. Through a guided meditation with life coach Gabrielle Bernstein (author of The Universe Has Your Back and May Cause Miracles), you will begin to uncover the images of who you truly are and who you want to become. For a guided meditation click here. For me, I thought I wanted major speaking opportunities to inspire people, book signings and huge career success. But what I discovered was something else entirely, and what my heart really wants shocked even myself. I shared my experience in the video below. I’d love to hear about the images you saw through this meditation! I hope this serves you. xx Manulani

On Letting Go of the Outcome and Staying in the Present Moment

As artists looking to build a platform to share our work, we can often get distracted by what the outcome might be. Sometimes, our ego’s desire to be validated externally can get in the way of our true purpose, the purpose of why we create in the first place. If your intention is coming from a pure and loving place, it’s important to stay in the present. There is always love in the present moment of what you’re doing now. I hope this serves you. xx Manulani

Letting Go of the Negative Thoughts About Ourselves [VIDEO]

Hi loves! Creating videos for this blog has been on my heart for some time now, and while the ideas have been circulating in my head I knew that I had to start right away and not wait until I had the right camera or production lights. So now we begin! Today I want to talk about  the negative thoughts we have about ourselves and how important it is to laugh at them. A few weeks ago, I touched on what A Course in Miracles refers to as ‘tiny mad ideas’ in a blog post called, Winter as a Time of Healing. In this video we will discuss our inner belief system reflects in the world around us, why true change and perception begins within, and of course, how to laugh at those tiny mad ideas. I hope this video helps in some way! xoxo Manulani Related: I Have Always Known Who I Am but I Didn’t Know I Was Enough The First Cold Night I Turned a Man Into the Devil In Order to Rebuke Him