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Never Be Afraid to Share Your Heart

In this life, I have learned that the ‘fear voice’ is not one to listen to when it comes to matters of the heart. Rather, it’s intuition, your inner spirit guide that can hold you up. It will show you the desires of your heart. If you trust in it, and arrive with pure intention, you are unbreakable.

Speaking from my own experiences, I’ve held back on showing love to people from my past and present, all because I was afraid of what their reaction would be. Would they shut me down? Would they tell me I’m wrong? Would they respond at all?

These questions are the fear. And by shutting these down, I clear all the blocks and listen to what my spirit is calling me to do. If your intention is to get a response at all, then you have to seriously think about your real intention. When you let the universe guide you to a calling, you may or may not receive the response you were looking for, but you will find the one you need.

So even if the person on the other end say they reject your love, your heart, your truth, the purest and most authentic parts of you, that is OK. They simply aren’t ready to receive it. Now you can let go. In the end, you spoke your truth, you came from love and that is all that matters.

Don’t say I love you for an ‘I love you’ back. Say it when it feels like a betrayal to yourself not to. Say it because you mean it.

Say it when you are allowing the presence of God’s love to surround you. When you sit in this, you hold the power to heal.


Photos by Daniela Prieto.


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