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Stop Questioning How Much of a Bad Bitch You Are (Really Though)

Questioning your worth sounds like a drag, right?

If you ever hear a friend say something like, “Well why does this person like me? What do they see in me?” the first thing you do as a good friend is say, “You’re fucking amazing, that’s why!”

I am that friend. My friends are friend. My family is that friend. But for most of my life, I struggled with trying to be that friend to myself.

I would always question why a guy I liked would be into me and then subconsciously ruin any chances for something beyond the second (sometimes first) date.

“Wow, really? You think I’m beautiful??? STOPPPP!”

“Oh come on, you think I’m funny? I’m honestly not like a comedian or anything, like I don’t know how to write jokes very well.”

“Oh wow, you read my blog? That’s so weird, no one reads it. You think I’m a good writer? That’s so wild, dude!”

Or even to a boss:

“Aw really??? I’m doing a good job?? You want me to keep up the good work???”



Why can’t we just accept when someone finds us attractive, or appreciates our work, or thinks we are smart and fun to be around? Why do we ask questions?

Why do we question our own brilliance, beauty and work?

I could go on and on about self-worth and the deeply rooted issues of my life that have caused me to doubt myself and I’m sure they’re the same things we’ve all experienced, but I’m not about  to get into all that today. The first step into understanding your worth is to sit that ass down and accept a fucking compliment. Accept spiritual gifts. Accept recognition. You don’t even have to say anything crazy. A simple, “thank you” will suffice. That’s all. Thank you. No need to ramble about how surprised you are (that’s the shit I usually do and I know some of you do too).

It’s taken me a while to realize this, but here’s something to hold on to:

Being recognized for your good and your light is not a strange occurrence. It is holy. It is natural. It is what’s real. Not seeing your light, not seeing your good, that’s what isn’t real. That is foreign. That is the culmination of all the noise in this world trying to block you from accepting your truth.

Embracing people’s kind words is not entitlement. This is not about your ego. When people see you for your light, it’s because you are simply reflecting back the light that’s in themselves. So shine that light. Shine it for others to hear themselves, to light themselves up, to discover their own greatness. Stepping into your own light is really your only purpose on this planet.

So stop asking questions about your worth and just say, thank you. Each time you embrace when someone recognizes your light, it feeds your energy, use it as a checkpoint to know you can create more light. Being in the dark about your greatness is v sad.

Maybe you already know this. Fuck it, deep down we all know it. But maybe you need a reminder that you’re a bad ass bitch.

I sure do need reminders quite often, tbh.

xx Rob

Images by Noemi Gonzalez. 

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