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If You Voted for Donald Trump, You’re Trash

“Can we all just get along now and be friends again?”

No, no we can not. What privilege you must have to overlook the racist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, misogynistic beliefs of the Trump platform. What a lovely thought to come together now after half of America has shown themselves. Well we will not be friends.

My only regret is not formally dragging trump supporters as abrasively as I could have as the election went on. From within my lungs I feel the pressure to speak and to help put an end to hatred and white lashing in this country.

All I can do is to continue to live openly and loudly as I can, to embrace and celebrate my faggotry like an “I Voted” sticker and love the fuck out of my disenfranchised minority brothers and sisters. I will be a light within the darkness of this dark new era, and we will be lights for each other.

This election is a win for white supremacy, a win for protecting the privileges of whites and declaring the sadistic and primal war cry of white male culture. This is not a time for jokes, this is not a time for memes, this is a time of action. Of organizing. Of revolting. My heart beats along to drums crushing louder preparing to be heard and readying for the revolution that is yet to whistle like a teapot.

If you think Black Lives Matter is a hate group, you’re trash.

If you’re against abortion rights for women, you’re trash (And no, aborting a baby at 9 months term is not a thing and has not been legal nor something that the Democratic Party has stood for).

If you deny that rape culture exists and blame sexual assault on what the woman is wearing or how she behaves, you’re trash.

If gay marriage somehow makes you feel as if it tarnishes the sanctity of your own marriage, you are trash.

If you’re a xenophobe against letting Syrian refugees into this country, you’re trash.

If you take pride in deporting Latino immigrants and splitting up families, you’re trash.

If you voted for Trump, you’re trash.

Don’t call me. Don’t text me. Don’t email me. Not until you realize the error in which you made and have understood the sinister truth about why you made that choice.

I do not need to be held by you or supported by you. I am angry. And I will take my anger and join with the other half of this country to protest and continue to make art and write to continue progressing our culture forward, not backward.

To all minorities, women, African-Americans, Muslims, the LGBTQI community and Latino immigrants, I will hold you and we will hold each other. I am nothing on my own. But together we are unstoppable.


Photo courtesy of ABC News.



  1. Ross A M says

    “I will be a light within the darkness of this dark new era, and we will be lights for each other.” Beautiful and inspiring xxx

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