Month: January 2016

Why We Have to Let Go of Our Soul Mates

Photo by Noemi Gonzalez. Perhaps you’ve felt it. A strange mystical connection with a person you just can’t seem to ignore. It’s difficult to understand but it’s there, instant, intense and vibrant. You hit it off right away and it’s as if you’ve known each other your entire life. But then things start to get hard, really hard. And soon, you find yourself in more pain and heartache over this person and less of the love and laughter you used to have. But this connection. This connection. It’s undeniable. It’s cosmic. It’s real. But the truth is, it’s not good for you. And at some point, you need to let go. Advertisements

Why I’m Sort of (but Not Completely) Confident

Disclaimer: This blog post is really long. My blog posts are usually like 600-900 words. Sorry in advance. Hang in there! xo When people say to me, “ You’re so confident” I’m always surprised to hear it. Scratch that. When gay men say I’m confident, I am always surprised to hear it. Not only have I been referred to as confident but several gay men have also stated that based on their first impression of me, I was “stuck up.”