Month: December 2015

My Ex Was Right for Dumping Me and Other 2015 Confessions

2015 (The Year of the Sheep) was a jolly fun time for heartbreak, triumph, renewal, personal growth, self-reflection and newfound spiritual connections (much like most of everyone’s years) and it’s always lovely to look back on it and really understand what the f**k went down. What did I learn? What did I takeaway from these experiences? So for shits and giggles (do people still say that? The answer is probably ‘nah’) I wrote out some of my darkest 2015 confessions and maybe y’all can relate. Check it. My ex-boyfriend was totally right for dumping me It might be hard to swallow at first but before you resent someone for dumping you, it’s important to take into account why you were broken up with in the first place. Often times, it has nothing to do and more so to do with how you are stifling their personal growth. Why hold that against someone? It’s easy to do – and in some cases, the person who dumped you might have been a complete and total asshole – but …

Short Talks: A Discussion on Creativity, Self-Reflection and Moving On

Hey boo hey! I met with my girl K. Short at Jobot Coffee to talk about some ish. Some real ish. Like career ish. Writing ish. Love ish. Personal growth ish. Creative ish. There’s six parts. Get into it. xoxo Robby Rob On writing… On archiving your life… On our last year and “fall awakening”… On moving on… On honoring your creativity… Follow K. Short on her YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!