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6 Signs That Just May Prove You Have a F–kboy on Your Hands


This past weekend has been quite a reflective one. I don’t know about you but I still have the shakes after Adele dropped that track on us like we ain’t got jobs…like how you gonna impose on my day like that? I had no choice but to watch that music video all night and cry while eating Taco Bell and Talenti Pumpkin Pie gelato. God, Adele, why do this?

Anyways, let’s discuss what brought you here to click on this here article of sorts. F–KBOYS. I’m censoring the word because I’m a saved person now (I’ve been DELIVERT) and I don’t partake in such obscene language. However, this is a true phenomenon that is sweeping the nation, as more and more f–kboys are becoming exposed and dragged in public. To be referred to as a f–kboy is quite possibly the most shameful and hurtful thing to call a person. With several definitions listed on Urban Dictionary, all capturing the essence of what a f–kboy is, I like to define the term as a person who is so convinced that they are the sh*t, but in reality are misinformed, misguided and in need of spiritual guidance.

Want to know the most frightening discovery I’ve made about all this?

Even the guys who appear super nice and friendly, show respect to strangers and give your server a 25 percent tip, can still indeed catch the f–kboy spirit and start taking up f–kboy hobbies/activities.

While everyone has their own rules of what they consider “f–kboy” actions, here are 6 recent instances where guys have shown me personally what it means.

1. He texts you drunk late at night even though he has a boyfriend.

I’m too booked for this.

2. He flirts with you even though he doesn’t like you, but still craves your attention.

Do not give in. Guard your queendom and don’t let him enter it. You’ll only let yourself believe in the lie and end up getting hurt. This I know to be true.

3. Things are great when you’re together, but when you see him out with friends, he acts like he doesn’t know you.

4. He doesn’t respond to your texts or initiate conversation but he will surely be the first of four people to look at your Snapchat story.


5. He tries to discredit the #BlackLivesMatter movement and refers to Taylor Swift as a “feminist icon.”


6. After he tells you he doesn’t like you the way you like him, (which is totally fine, it’s just nice to know where you stand) he then says, “you’re probably going to go home tonight and cry to Lana Del Rey.”

*clicks here for side-eye moon emoji*

Maya Angelou says, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” So to those of you on some f–boy activity right now, we see you. And we believe you.

xoxo Robby Rob

*Author’s Note: While this is titled “Part One” I actually have no set plans for a “Part Two,” I just figured I’ll probably have more material soon.


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Feature image courtesy of Wired.



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