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Diary of a Gay Spinster: A Look Inside (EPISODE ONE)

B is for Bold

“Diary of a Gay Spinster: A Look Inside” is a 4-part series that brings together film, writing, music and fashion. It is with these four things that I am able to express my thoughts and my work, and share my experiences in order to better understand our journeys in life. Topics include: being bold, body image, suicide, creative non-fiction, success and knowing your worth.

Today we bring to you episode one: B is for Bold.

xoxo Robby Rob

When I began the Bold Bitch Diaries, I had no idea where my life would take me.

The Bold Bitch Goddess, the ethereal connection I feel to my own sense of self, can be found in anyone. And once you connect with your inner Bold Bitch, the possibilities are endless and no longer are you afraid of doing what you want and being who you are.

Episode One of “Diary of a Gay Spinster: A Look Inside” is about this connection and how a guy named Gorgeous Greg inspired it all.

Blog Posts featured in this episode:

A Proper Introduction
The Bold Bitch Diaries: Gorgeous Greg


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