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My ‘Thirst’ Got Real at a Coffee Shop

We all have those thirsty phases. Actually, let’s be real, I’m pretty much thirsty at all times. I’m in a constant state of thirst. Perhaps you are too. Maybe we should join a support group.

For those of you who don’t know, being “thirsty” doesn’t just mean you need a tall glass of water to drink. It also could mean that you are desperate for some male/female attention (depending on what you like or what you’re in the mood for that day) and you make it so obviously known that it makes you look unattractive and just plain old THIRSTY. You can’t always stop the thirst. Sometimes you just wanna quench, but what you can do is learn to control it, or keep your thirst under wraps.

I shamelessly demonstrated some intense thirst this week.

It all happened at a Phoenix coffee shop called Lux.

He was glorious. He was average height, slender and seemed quite artsy with his swoopy dark hair. Honestly he looked like one of those guys who understands and analyzes classic American literature. He also looks like a new junkie. And then I noticed what he was holding…

GOOD GOD! A book worm art student whose mode of transportation is a motorcycle? This is perfect. I decided to lure him to me.

It wasn’t exactly working. While I just so happened to have Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” in my lap, it didn’t seem to peak his interest. Perhaps if I was reading the New York Times? UGH.

Here’s the thing…I looked GOOD this day. I looked quite hot tbh. So when I had to pick a coffee shop downtown to work on some shit, I picked Lux because there’s always attractive people there. Like why waste a good look day at some lowkey Starbucks in Chandler? Nahhh, man.

So really, I did this to myself and THAT makes me SUPER THIRSTY.

Oh and this killed me.

Literally killed me.

At one point I felt like I had an opportunity.

But then I looked at the time and realized I wasn’t just a thirsty bitch, I was a late bitch too.

My heart had to say goodbye. But before I could leave, my Lux Lover did something that I find quite attractive.

AHHHH. I love when a guy gets so into his music. But this guy in particular was so hot that he could’ve been listening to Katy Perry (usually a deal breaker) and I STILL would’ve been into it.

Eventually I had to leave. I decided to rely on fate to bring us together once again.

There’s no lesson to learn here really except, THE THIRST IS REAL. I’ll have to learn to get over myself eventually but until then, I will go around to hipster coffee shops while wearing a cute outfit and pretend to read a newspaper.

That should work right?


xoxo Robby Rob

Have you ever acted ridiculously thirsty? We want to read about it! Let me know in the comment section below. 



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