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10 Songs That Will Make You Feel Like a Bold Bitch

Hey girl (boy), I see you there. Feelin’ like you need somebody to come give you a shot of Bold Bitchness. Or maybe you already got that BB swagger and want a playlist to go along with it. Well here are 10 songs that will have you feelin’ some type of way.


1. You’re Not The One – Sky Ferreira

Throw on your leather jacket because this song is the REALNESS. Disregard what you think about Sky Ferreira, listen to this song and let the Bold Bitch Goddess speak through you. It’s a lament of a relationship gone wrong, but with a twist of “Yeah we didn’t work out but so what, you’re not the one anyway.”

Bold Bitch Lyric: I won’t even bother to fight / I know you’re not the one

2. You (Ha Ha Ha) – Charli XCX

Charli XCX has been a bold bitch pop singer/songwriter from the get-go, and this song from her debut album “True Romance” is a clever smash. The music video for the track will make you love it even more. Slip into your creepers and crop tops and JAM, damn it.

Bold Bitch Lyric: I got to phase you out my zone / Hope you realize now that I am never coming home / You were meant to be alone

3. Brain – Banks

Have you ever been hurt by a wanna-be somebody who tried to manipulate and destroy you? Well look honey, as a bold bitch you can see through that ish. Blast this and move your back to that beat girl!

Bold Bitch Lyric: Oh so cool you seem / blending with that scene / wearing what you think is hard

4. Aura – Lady Gaga

OK, Zedd and Infected Mushroom come together to create a beat that begged for Lady Gaga’s power-house vocals and lyricism. Say what you want about Lady Gaga, but this song is insanity and will inspire you to get insane on people who challenge your existence.

Bold Bitch Lyric: I’m not a wandering slave / I am a woman of choice

5. Sweatpants – Childish Gambino

I had always heard about Childish Gambino but I didn’t fall in love with him until my friend played this song for me a few months ago. Part of being a Bold Bitch is having thick skin when people try to bring you down, and this song will have you screaming YAAASSS. Bump this shit in the car like the bold bitch that you are.

Bold Bitch Lyric: Don’t be mad cause I’m doin’ me, better than you doin’ you

6. All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

YAS GIRL, a bubblegum power anthem for big booty girls and boys everywhere. This song is quite catchy, presh, empowering and funny. I love this woman’s sound, her voice is so soulful and I think she might be a sagittarius. Just sayin.

Bold Bitch Lyric: You know I won’t be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll / So, if that’s what’s you’re into / Then go ahead and move along

7. Luxury – Azealia Banks

When I first saw this video two years ago, I dreamed of pulling off a black cowboy hat in New York City. This song is so dope, and what I love most about the song is its cockiness. The confident lyrics sound like something a dude would be saying to a girl he wants to get with. That’s what makes the song so bold. Why wait for HIM to make the first move? You go get it, boo.

Bold Bitch Lyric: You know what I spy? / Spy you looking lonely / ya know boy that’s why I wanna be your lady

8. ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche) – Beyoncé

This is quite possibly one of the greatest female anthems ever created. Beyonce features a speech by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche that discusses the definition of feminism. Go on you bold bitch, you.

Bold Bitch Lyric: I took some time to live my life / But don’t think I’m just his little wife / Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted

9. Break Free – Ariana Grande

We can’t help ourselves but to LOVE LOVE LOVE Ariana Grande. Her voice is incredible and she’s such a cutie like omg. She is in full bold bitch mode on this brand new track featuring Zedd. Got me feelin’ like a new woman.

Bold Bitch Lyric: This is the part when I say I don’t want it / I’m stronger than I’ve been before / This is the part when I break free

10. G.U.Y. – Lady Gaga

Just. Press. Play.

Bold Bitch Lyric: I don’t need to be on top to know I’m worth it / ’cause I’m strong enough to know the truth

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