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I Lied in Part Six

A reputable source has brought to my attention that I, in fact lied in Part Six of Spring Awakening.

(If you haven’t read Part Six yet, you can read it here)

Yesterday, I received an interesting email addressing the issue of “who asked who to be their boyfriend.” Apparently, the real story of Chris and Gay Spinster involves the Gay Spinster saying, “Would you like to be my boyfriend?” and not, Chris as it was written in the piece.

Now to be fair I was drunk in love at the time of the actual event, and for all I know it could very well be true. I can see how this person would be upset about the changed story. I mean, clearly it makes Chris look more clingy and Gay Spinster looking like a victim to emotional confinement. But in reality, Diary of a Gay Spinster is a blog about OWNING your flaws and insecurities, and the alternate ending would actually make for an even better story.

Think about it: “Guy whose biggest fear is committment gets drunk and asks someone he’s known for two days to be his boyfriend.”

I mean, it writes itself! That’s gold right there. Someone tell me when something like that is a series on the Logo Network.

While I’m now uncertain of how it happened in real life, it really doesn’t matter at all. And here’s why:

Diary of a Gay Spinster is fictional.

*GASP* Oh my goodness! I know what you’re thinking: “Robert prides himself on telling the truth in his stories but it’s actually fiction? I want my time back spent reading this bullshit!”

Well here’s the thing, lovelies, I use fake names, I change settings, circumstances and amend situations to avoid making the characters too obvious in real life. I don’t drop hints as to who it could be and I don’t use pictures of the actual people in my stories. The guys I’ve written also aren’t public on my social media, meaning I could be dating someone right now and you would have no idea who because I don’t post about them. Even my best friends who I would never write anything revealing about, get fake names and fake identities.

I don’t use the blog to drag people who have done me wrong because this is not a tabloid. This isn’t a scandalous showcase of what’s going down around town.

Like I’ve always said, “Write with the intention of sharing the lesson, not the drama.”

The things that are true in my stories are my insecurities, my flaws, the conflicts, the feelings, the metaphors, the lessons, MY truth. It is my own perception of events told in an alternate reality, it is the version of myself who lives in another world experiencing the same heartache, emotions and situations as me but in a different place.

I make an effort to protect identities and to be absolutely true to how I felt about a person at the time I experienced it, not how I feel now. I don’t say things like, “he was super annoying” or “I despise them.” These are not mean-spirited, malicious stories with intent to make others feel bad. This is MY story, and MY truth. It is how I see things as they happen, it is how I choose to tell the story, it is the lessons that I, myself learned. No one else’s story matters.

So, if you’re thinking about writing about someone or an experience you had, do not write with the intention of sharing the drama. Only write with questions like: How will this help another person? Why is this lesson important? Why is this event key to the story? Is this detail necessary to tell in order to reach the lesson of the story?

I leave a lot out but keep what’s important for character development and the end goal. We all have our truths and it’s important to own that. I believe if we all just accept that we’re hot messes, then there would be no need to compete with each other for petty shit and drag others to feel on top.

Own who you are and never apologize (unless you’re acting like a complete asshole). And when you have a story that’s important to tell, tell it. You have every right to, after all.

xoxo Robby Rob

P.S. If you don’t like reading my blog, there’s no need to read it. Otherwise, all you’re doing is giving me more hits on the site. Be better than that.

Read Spring Awakening here!



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