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Becoming Ann Perkins: The Road to USGD Elections

When I’m passionate about something, I’m pretty annoying about it.

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then you certainly know I’ve been promoting ALEXIS KRAMER, RYAN BOYD and WINDSOR SMITH, heavy. And while my floods of Vote Kramer 2014 promotional photos and campaign t-shirt selfies have received a nice number of likes, I’m sure you’re probably still wondering why I care so much. I care so much because as long as I’ve known Alexis Kramer, she’s cared more about ASU than I have cared about anything ever. It’s gotten to the point where I have officially decided that she is the Leslie Knope of Undergrad Student Government, and I must accept my role as her Ann Perkins. spinster

I really am Ann though. Like for real. I’m always single with dating issues and I try to be crafty but it doesn’t always go so well. Sometimes I have crazy weird thoughts and when I say them out loud I realize how weird they are. But that’s OK, Alexis is still a supportive Leslie.

Parks & Rec is one of my favorite all-time shows and this comparison is so relevant, let me tell you. When I first met Alexis in September 2013, I was just a newly elected President of ASU’s National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) and she was a Cronkite Senator, inviting me to meet with her and other student org leaders to discuss ways to improve student involvement on the downtown campus. From that point on, Alexis attended every single NLGJA event, mixer, fundraiser and even some meetings. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that we actually became friends over ice cream cookie sandwiches and Beyonce. She helped us with our event, Cronkite Coffee House, and kept me sane throughout the whole process.  Much like Leslie Knope, Alexis will do anything to serve and her involvement with my org was so impressive, especially from someone who’s only 19. Did I mention she actually enjoys doing paperwork? I can’t deal. 10009749_736343683065089_423152563_n Much like Ann Perkins, I might not know as much about politics as Alexis, but I know that it takes guts, passion and amazing work ethic to make an outstanding student government leader, and Alexis is all of that. I was able to witness her passion before we became friends and before she was running for an election. And it says a lot that 5 out of the 7 current senators have endorsed Alexis over the guy who’s running for re-election. So yes, when Alexis told me she was going to run for USGD President, and wanted me to be her director of outreach, I didn’t hesitate. Even if it just meant being there for moral support. rs_500x250-140109091101-tumblr_mxodppKVSk1syeot2o1_500 Alexis stands for female empowerment, diversity, community, and she’s a fighter for the underdog. She shows up to the office early and stays way late, she thinks of everyone else and thanks every single person for their time. She hosted the HE(W)R Event for female empowerment and partnered with the Womyn’s Coalition. She lead a USGD senate bill against SB1062 and met with Local First Arizona board member, Tony Felice to discuss student involvement with the Super Bowl next year.

So whether I’m the Effie to her Katniss, or the Samantha to her Carrie, or the Ann to her Leslie, I’m also a fighter for the underdog.

Yes, this is a biased piece, (obvi) so please, read up on the election on Downtown Devil or The State Press. I just wanted to share why I’ve been so passionate these past few weeks, and have dedicated so much time to a cause that I won’t even get to see fly as I graduate next month. It’s people like Alexis who inspire me to do more.

Voting closes at 11:59, tonight April 2nd. If you’re a downtown student, please consider Alexis Kramer to be your USGD President. You can vote here: The results will be out Friday, April 4th at noon.

P.S. Win or Lose, you’ll find us at Slickables eating ice cream cookie sandwiches.

xoxo Robby Rob

Oh, one more P.S. watch this below video around the 0:30 second mark. So Leslie. SO Alexis.


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