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SPINSTER WEEK is Back! Meet the Writers

There’s a brand new group of singles ready to mingle and share their stories!

From February 17-21, five spinster beauty queens will grace us with their presence as they write about their own spinster experiences.

The Writers

RD Fedora 1Rosemarie Dombrowski

Phoenix, Arizona

Rosemarie Dombrowski (RD) is a thirty-something Lecturer at ASU with a PhD in American Literature.

She’s the co-founder and host of the Phoenix Poetry Series, the editor of the undergraduate writing journal on campus, and an editor for Four Chambers Press.

She’s a published author of creative non-fiction, flash fiction, and poetry.

She teaches a special topics class called Lady Gaga and the Poetic Ideology of Otherness.

She drives a black Cadillac.

She loves the house of Dolce and Gabbana and Manolo Blahniks.

She always wears dresses.

She has a really squirrely, strikingly beautiful autistic kid named Brendan.

She’s believes that everything is better with cookies (though she doesn’t bake them herself).

She adores Benedict Cumberbatch, the Great American Songbook, spin classes, drag queens, upscale-resale boutiques, her “girls,” her “boys,” her poets, and her interns.

She’s almost always single (and occasionally looking).

photo-2Stefanie Campanella

Tempe, Arizona

Hey Bitches!

We don’t know each other, but I feel comfortable calling you all bitches- it’s my favorite term of endearment 😉

I’m Stefanie! I’m 20, originally from Long Island, New York (now living in the hottest freaking place on earth- AZ), I’m super Italian, and I’m sassy as hell.

I’m studying Secondary Education History with a minor in Political science at ASU and I hope to become a High School AP history teacher! Being a sophomore is a hot mess, but I like to think I’ve got the college thing under control after two years. I know at the end of it I’ll get to fulfill my cliche life dream of leaving a mark on America’s youth, and I’m so damn excited about it. High school was great…. but guys, college really is better. #doingwhateverthehellyouwantFTW

I’m a giant nerd and I love nothing more then talking about the Civil War, current events, disney movies… or comic books. My other hobbies include spreading love and equality to younger kids by running an anti-bullying education program, singing in the shower at the top of my lungs (Sometimes I think I’m Idina Menzel…), and engaging in political facebook debates/real life debates. I spend the rest of my time slaving away at writing papers and annoying my friends with whatever song I am obsessed with at the moment.

That pretty much sums me up: Sassy, Italian, and I have a passion for anything I can argue with someone about.

photoSamantha Hancey

Queen Creek, Arizona

Hi! My name is Sammy Hancey and welcome to the inner workings of my mind…(I’m sorry). I am 26 years old from Portland Oregon… Okay not really from Portland but no one knows where the hell Jewell is (Small town, middle of nowhere, lots of cows). Most days I act like I have my shit together, but in all reality (and in true spinster style) I’m kind of a mess.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up so currently I am a bartender/”whatever random shifts need to be covered” person at Red Lobster, but looking to jump back into the whole college thing. My hobbies include binge watching Netflix, drinking wine, playing pool, drinking wine, watching Dueling Pianos on Friday nights, drinking wine, pinning crap on Pinterest…and did I mention drinking wine?

The last two years I have really come into my own. I let go of a relationship I thought I was destined to be in forever but in reality, it was fated to fall apart from the very beginning. Even though not having a boyfriend to lean on has been tough, I got to learn how to be me again, thus making me a better and stronger person.

Diary of a Gay Spinster is one of my favorite blogs to read and I am so honored and excited to contribute to Spinster Week. I hope my contribution at least makes one of you smile! Xoxo!!

photo-1Lorenza Brascia

New York, New York



Moll Levine

Washington, D.C.


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