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You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Blog Is About You

The story begins with a simple blog announcement.

I announced on this lovely blog that you’re reading, that I would be posting a story called, “My Summer Fling with Chandler Bing.” The story (which got great hits by the way, thanks for reading! And if you haven’t read it yet click here, lovah) was about my New York City love affair with a boy from Boston.

So tell me why I get a phone call from a boy who was clearly pressed and was no way part of my summer in NYC, talking about some ” I saw your announcement for My Summer Fling with Chandler Bing and it better not be about me.”

There are many things wrong with this situation but I’ll narrow it down to three.

1. This is clearly not about you

If there’s one thing I learned in science class, it’s that to form a proper hypothesis you must make an educated guess about something that you can prove. So, in order for this guy’s hypothesis about me writing about him to be true, he and I would’ve had a “Summer Fling.” After all, the title is, “My Summer Fling with Chandler Bing.” But no summer fling had occurred between him and I. Secondly, he would have also had to know that he was a “Chandler Bing.” You know what I mean if you watch Friends. But homeboy is nothing like a Chandler, and is honestly more of a Ross.

2. No one knows who you are

If I were to ever have a boyfriend, I would be really careful about writing about him on my blog. Assuming our relationship would be public, most people reading a blog post about him would know who he is whether or not they even met the poor guy, purely from pics on social media and shit like that. But this guy was not really posted anywhere on my social and no relationship was ever set. How would someone reading it be able to tell who I was talking about? No one in my everyday life really knows who this kid is. And when shit goes down in your life, who do you tell? Your closest friends. So sure, those closest friends may know what the blog is about but they would know regardless whether or not I posted about it.

3. I can write whatever the hell I want

If you don’t like what I have to say, DON’T READ MY BLOG. My blog is read by merely tens of people, so don’t visit this site and your life will be Diary of a Gay Spinster FREE. And even if this blog post was about him, no one has the right to tell me what I can and cannot write about. It’s simply not for anyone else to decide. I may be Taylor Swift-like sometimes with my Sagittarius need to tell my truth in writing and learn my lessons along the way, but oh well, so be it. Unlike Taylor, I would never put someone’s (real) name in a blog post and I certainly wouldn’t parade my dirty laundry to magazine outlets. Taylor can do whatever she wants but that’s not me (no hate Tay Tay, you makin’ millions girl, you get it). All I’m saying is, even when I do write about someone, it’s not going to be a public slamfest. In fact, I’m just as honest about my own terribleness on here. I’m not trying to look innocent and “above”…

So I told the guy I wasn’t writing about him and honestly I’m not sure if he believed me, and even after posting the piece, he probably still thought it was about him. He’s not the only person who’s tried to call me out about my writing, though. There have been others. But all that matters is that I stay true to who I am and stay true to my writing. That’s what my readers deserve, and I deserve to continue my blog without people coming at me for no reason.

The Lesson

If you’re that person who thinks they got haters, NEWS FLASH: Ain’t nobody trying to check up on you.

Honestly, unless you’re world famous, it’s very rare that everyone is hating on you just because you’re “doing you.”

Also, calling people out and being ratchet on social media is never cool. I write a lot of stuff about guys and gals in my life, but nothing really too terrible or downright disgusting. In fact, what I write about consists of my own journey and experiences, with the people I encounter on my journey sprinkled along the way. I am always the lead in my own story, we all are the leads in our own stories. Yet sometimes people will get it twisted and think that your life revolves around you trying to talk about them.

Stay away from social media wars.

Always write with the intention of sharing the lesson, not the drama.

Stay classy, be truthful and never apologize for it.

Live for your art (not the money) and share it with the world.

xoxo Robby Rob

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