Month: February 2014

Guest Post: Just Because You’re Single, Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Surrounded by Love

By Moll Levine I woke up sad this morning because I felt like I had no one to love. It had been a long year of trials and tribulations, but at this point I felt like I knew less than ever before. It took me a long time to get out of bed this morning but it took me even longer to make a decision. I wore what I wore yesterday because it didn’t matter and that’s how my morning went.  This blueness makes me soft so I proceeded with delicacy at this time. During the day you are more aware of yourself and the way your body fills up space, the more the day is usually filled with challenges. Advertisements

Guest Post: Secret Life: I’m Dating Five Fictional TV Characters

by Samantha Hancey There is an increasing trend on my Facebook news feed with date nights turned into engagements, weddings, baby showers and then so on and so forth. There’s even the occasional “ladies night” that turns that into a “couples thing.” These are the things that makes me open my bottle of wine and settle into another Saturday night at home with Olive (the cat). While I’m poppin’ the cork on a bottle of cabernet and turning on my Netflix, I realize, “Who needs a boyfriend when I have lots of cute boys at the click of a button?”

Guest Post: How to Lose & Find Yourself After a Breakup

By Lorenza Brascia Another Saturday morning waking up puffy-eyed and, possibly hungover. If I was hungover, this was a sign of improvement. It would mean that I had managed to suppress my deepened, darkened feelings, pulled together an outfit, and allowed myself to “let loose” for a night when deep down inside, all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed. Lights off. Sleep. Repeat. Ice soon to be on the ground, a sunless sky; it was too easy to stay inside alone. Heartbreak… It’ll get ya.

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Blog Is About You

The story begins with a simple blog announcement. I announced on this lovely blog that you’re reading, that I would be posting a story called, “My Summer Fling with Chandler Bing.” The story (which got great hits by the way, thanks for reading! And if you haven’t read it yet click here, lovah) was about my New York City love affair with a boy from Boston. So tell me why I get a phone call from a boy who was clearly pressed and was no way part of my summer in NYC, talking about some ” I saw your announcement for My Summer Fling with Chandler Bing and it better not be about me.”