Month: January 2014

I have an announcement

As I near the end of my college career, I look back at all the wonderful memories I’ve created with friends and family. I truly feel like I’ve done a lot in the past three years and it’s been quite the experience. But I’m not done. And there’s still more for me to do before I walk across that stage in my cap and gown, come May 14. So…I am beginning a project that may require some help from you all.

BB Diaries | Part Seven: The Return of Jayden Tucker

I wouldn’t say I’ve become more of a bitch, I just refuse to fuck around. Actually scratch that, I’m definitely more of a bitch. A bold bitch to be exact. And that’s good you know, like taking charge, not putting up with bullshit. But prior to this transition, I was just a little bitch boy who was pretty damn pathetic, so much so I would’ve done anything for the one and only Jayden Tucker.

Surviving Cuffing Season

Spinsters & Otherwise, Most of you (I’m sure) have noticed in the past month or so, that random men or women from your sexual or romantic past decided to hit you up out of nowhere to “talk” or “hang out.” Where are these tricks coming from? Why are they turning up out of the blue uninvited? I asked myself this same question. It began with Facebook likes, Instagram comments and retweets from some thirsty bugaboos. And then it always led up to a text message saying, “Hey it’s been so long! How are you?” Thus the cycle had begun. Cuffing season is upon us.