Month: November 2013

8 Hot Mess Sagittarius Celebs

It’s no secret that I’m a hot mess. You can ask anyone. Even at the top of the page here you can see that it says, “I’m kind of a mess.” I’m a wanderer of sorts, I fall in love and get bored really easily, I am crazy emotional, super super sweet until you cross me and I become a vengeful bitch. If you still need more evidence, look no further…I’M A SAGITTARIUS. Advertisements

Tell Me I’m Pretty, I Already Know I’m Funny

Tell me I’m funny, I already know I’m pretty. It’s an interesting statement and frequent theme in pop culture. We are so obsessed with looks and appearances, what to wear, who to be seen with, how to carry yourself. We put more pressure on women and men (especially women and gay men) to achieve a status of perfect beauty. And even if they can’t reach perfection, it’s expected to at least try.