Month: July 2013

Guest Post: From Heartbreak to NYC in 7 Easy Steps

by Ashley Haines And by easy, I mean really challenging and gut wrenching. But don’t fret, my friends, it is possible. In fact, I am a living testimonial. Disclaimer: Previous successes do not guarantee future outcomes. May take up to six months to see results. Get your heartbroken. Destroyed. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but there are plenty of ways to get the job done. And when it does, your world will shatter, and nothing will piss you off more than hearing people try to console you by telling you “we all go through it- it’s ok.” Sure, we do all experience heartbreak at one point or another—hell, some of us will be fortunate enough to experience multiple times—but not everyone feels solace in knowing how common the experience is. At the end of the day, it’s incredibly shitty, and trivializing it won’t change a thing. Cry. A lot. Don’t be ashamed, baby girl (or boy), let it alllll out. Scream if you have to. Be angry. Whatever you do, avoid letting your …

Guest Post: I Dated a Felon

by Cassie Miller As you may or may not know, I do the online dating “thing”. I really wish I kept a list of the guys I’ve talked to, but it might be more embarrassing than handy. I’d venture to say I have talked to over 100 guys (I am always talking to at least one). Of the guys I have talked to, I have met 4 of them (and dated one). That’s about a 1% success rate (better than my “real life dating” success rate, hollahhhh!)

The Intern Diaries

I’m finally spilling the tea on what it’s really like to be an intern. This week I’ll be discussing my past hatred for Diary of a Straight Male Spinster’s, Jeremy Piccirillo, a girl named Stella who cares way too much, and what it’s like to be an awkward intern intimidated by the fabulous-ness of the people who run shit. I’m going to be exposing all of my hot mess thoughts. It’s already embarrassing. Tuesday, July 16 Part One: I HATE JEREMY Wednesday, July 17 Part Two: Stella, Girl on Fire Thursday, July 18 Part Three: Why Can’t I Be You? Don’t miss Spinster Week starting next Monday, July 22.  LIKE Diary of a Gay Spinster on Facebook!

The Bold Bitch Diaries | Part Six: Still a Hot Mess

We all have visions for ourselves. We all see who we are and who we want to be, and how to get there. Some of us fight for what it is we want and some of us are too scared to try. When you’re a fighter, and you’re living the Bold Bitch lifestyle to achieve whatever it is you’ve been working for, sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap. The trap of feeling like you’ve made it. When really, you haven’t made shit, honey. When you have spent years feeling stuck and vying for inspiration, you receive hype off of your own successes. It’s when you’re on a winning streak that you begin to realize that you are worthy, you do have the talent, and you ARE doing something with your life. But be warned, dear; for feeling too high will only bring you down lower than when you started. For me, the trick to keeping yourself focused on what you want, is to feel a little bit like a hot mess. It sounds …