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9 Things My Grandma Taught Me

 If you want to know where I get my fierceness from, you could look at my mother, but we are going even further up the family tree…to her mother, my GRAM. While being gorgeous and all around flawless, my grandma has taught me a lot. She’s the fiercest woman I know, and she always will be. Here are just 9 of the many things she has taught me. 


9: Walk like you mean it.

Look, there’s no time to waste, alright? When you walk, you walk with purpose. You walk like you’ve got somewhere important to be. When people ask me why I walk so fast, this is why. In fact, Gram walks faster than I do. She’s got the walk down. This is the first step to becoming a bold bitch.



8: Hands on hips means business.

Seriously though, when you’re trying to deal with basics, you know, those people who are just too out of touch with the Bold Bitch lifestyle, you put your hands on your hips to show them what’s up. Show them who’s boss. Show them you’re not to be messed with.

Gram and I in our natural habitat.

Gram and I in our natural habitat.

7: The Hula, OBVI.

She’s Hawaiian-Chinese. Of course I know some hula. Some of the greatest memories from my childhood were with my Gram at hula practice. She would dance, and I would play the pahu drum. Look it up. And then afterwards, she would take me to Taco Bell! And y’all know how I feel about DAT.

Here we are teaching my friends the Hukilau at my high school graduation party.

My mom even got a stage for us to perform it on and everything. (Stay tuned for 8 Things My Mother Taught Me).


6: HGTV is not just a network, it’s a lifestyle.

Yeah, that’s right. Have you ever found yourself laying down on the couch on a nice Sunday morning watching a House Hunters marathon? It happens. Don’t get me started on House Hunters International. You can literally use every show to visualize and dream about what you want your house to look like. It’s magical.

Oh and it helps when the interior design hosts look like this:


via: Twitter
5: Revenge and Scandal make for great television.

Seriously, good work ABC.

Queen Victoria. #revenge

Queen Victoria. #revenge

Bad Bitch Olivia Pope

Bad Bitch Olivia Pope. #scandal

4: There’s something magical about the Lifetime network.

Trust me.

what up Jodi.

what up Jodi.

What's with her lips tho. #lizanddick

What’s with her lips tho. #lizanddick

 3: Spam and rice is EVERYTHING.

We are Hawaiians. It’s what we do.

Spam musubi 3

2: “Kiss your hand.”

When I was a kid, and my grandma called on the phone, I would always be the last person to talk to her. Before we would get off the phone, she would say, “Give your brother and sister a kiss for me…and kiss your hand.” It was something I always did just for her. And when I first moved to New York, I was scared as hell. So I read her card and did exactly what she told me to do at the end of all those phone calls when I was a little boy. I kissed my hand.

photo (1)

1: Family First

No matter what, Grandma always puts family first above everything. She is always there for us, whenever we need anything. She accepts us and loves us no matter what. And I will always honor that.

Look at my puffy ass crying face at high school graduation. #goodlord

Look at my puffy ass crying face at high school graduation. #goodlord

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