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8 Reasons Why My Dad is a BOSS

8: He knows how to fix a car. 

And Lord knows how many times I end up stranded.

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 5.25.26 PM


7: He makes the best school projects

Girl, I played all my classmates for FOOLS, I tell you, FOOLS. Elementary school kids are stupid to believe I made this myself. My teachers just loved me too much to say anything.


This is a little beat up here, but in 7th grade, it was the best damn Shadowbox anyone ever made at Kenilworth Junior High.

P.S. My signature hasn’t changed since that moment I signed it.

6: He built me a stage once.

Yeah, so I went through this phase at age 12 where I really wanted to be this bad-ass drummer. My parents bought me a drum set and then my dad built a stage with wheels on it. He called it a “platform” but let’s call it what it is. It was a stage. And boy did I feel like a star.


5: This is the card he got for him and mom’s anniversary.



4: He’s in way better shape than I am.

He tried getting me to run a mile with him once. I think I almost passed out.


3: This picture.


So here’s some back story. We were on the plane to NYC when I noticed the lead singer from Allstar Weekend was sitting behind us. I don’t care THAT much but my best friend Kat does so I was really quite excited. I told my dad and he laughed, then we stopped talking about it. Ten minutes later my dad says, “Smile!” and he’s holding his phone above his head and snaps the picture. Nicely played, Father. Nicely played.

2: What he said when I came out to him.

“I’m not surprised. You’re pretty obsessed with Kelly Clarkson.”



1: Only-Child?

dad omg

I tend to hear, “WAIT YOU HAVE SIBLINGS, YOU SEEM LIKE AN ONLY CHILD!” a lot in my life. I have a younger brother and a younger sister and yet somehow people get the idea that I am an only child. But when I started to think about it more, I realized, that people thought the same thing of my other siblings too. It wasn’t just me. Both my parents make each of us feel like an only child in a way. They support all of us equally and push all of us equally and cheer for us all EQUALLY. My siblings and I all support each other and yet we are so independent and different from one another. I’m not sure how my parents pulled it off but I am grateful for having the two most important people in my life put me and my siblings first in everything. We are the main priority. And I am in love with that. Perhaps it’s why I’m so grounded.

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