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How to Make Someone Love You (Part One)

Sometimes in life, there comes a moment when you meet a person who catches your eye and grabs your attention. You want them to like you. You want them to love you. If you want to be successful in getting someone to notice you, then there are a few tips I can share. These work best when you meet someone in a work environment, a group, or classroom setting.

**DISCLAIMER** These tips only work if you’re super nice and a cool person. If you’re a rude bitch all the time and no one likes you ever, then you’re shit out of luck.

Tip #1: Demonstrate how cool you are

A new person entering your territory is scoping out everyone to see what’s up. They want the low down of what’s going on so they can fit in. So they are super observant. When you’re around the new person, make sure you are cool and funny with other co-workers, friends etc. The more they see how cool you are with other people, the more intrigued they will become.

Tip #2: Forget their name

This is something that’s always fun to do. Once you get the new person intrigued, it’s time to play hard to get. For instance, say some new guy gets hired at your work (or girl, you know, for the 3% of my readers who are straight guys). You want him to notice you but don’t want to look thirsty and definitely not obnoxious. So casually strike up a conversation. Let’s pretend this guy’s name is Damon. As you walk away from the end of a funny convo, say, “Devon, right?” Just casual. Show that you forgot his name but that you at least tried. And got somewhat close. They will then try even harder to get you to like them.

Tip #3: Share secrets

If you can give trust to this person, they will definitely feel as if they have a bond with you. It could be anything, but keep it small. You don’t want to share too much. But just a little, “Hey, so between you and me…” sort of thing. They will feel so special that you shared it with them. And this will lead to inside jokes!

There will definitely be more tips to come! Stay tuned for tip #4: Be a hot mess…

xoxo Robby Rob

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