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#FinalsWeek: The Week from Hell

The End of a Semester

I’m not one to be dramatic. Ok fuck that yes I am. It’s actually one of my greatest character flaws.

And one of my greatest attributes.

wink ;)

wink 😉

So let me be as dramatic as I can. LAST WEEK WAS AWFUL. TERRIBLE. HORRIBLE. It was horrible for my circumstances of course, we can all understand that there’s always someone having a worse week than you. And it’s true. But finals week kicked my ass, mostly because I caught the flu right in the middle of it. In order to really take you with me on this journey through the past, I think it would be best to tell this story through social media. Let’s begin, shall we?

First, the week began with a Sunday night/Monday morning work session at Hayden Library with Tiffany. Her and I always wait until the last minute. It’s kind of our thing. I was so exhausted on the way home (1 a.m.) that I got pulled over. Mix sleepiness with some Paramore jams and you have yourself a confused cop.

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.05.56 AM

Monday was swell and dandy. But it was Tuesday that bit me in the ass. I was driving on my way home from school after a long day, when I realized I had the windows rolled down. That doesn’t sound like a big deal in other parts of these Americas, but it was 106 degrees outside and I had the air conditioning off. Robert had done got the chills!

I sped home and jumped into bed three hours before my scheduled dinner plans. I slept through an hour of dinner! How embarrassing and rude of me. But I continued to feel sick. Throwing up and other nasty things began happening to my body. It was a disgusting state to be in. This was Tuesday night and I had a final at 7 a.m. on Thursday morning. I had barely studied.

The next day, I called out of interning and out of work to get some rest. I slept and slept until Tiffany called at around We HAD to go to the library to study. We just had to. 12 hours until our big final and we barely remembered what happened the first half of the semester. We needed to WERK it. No matter how much fluid my body was shooting out disrespectfully.

I met at Tiffany’s house at 8:15 and after a trip to Paradise Bakery and Starbucks, we somehow didn’t make it to the Tempe campus until around 10 o’ clock. Where had the time fucking gone. Either way, there was no time to lose. We got to work. Kind of.

We continued to work proficiently.

keeping it together.

keeping it together.

When the clock struck midnight, I was instantly overcome with sleepiness.

Even Tiffany began to lose it. Like seriously though, what is she saying here…

By the time it was three in the morning, we had gotten hungry. Off to McDonald’s we were. I managed to eat  chicken nuggets without throwing up. Then we decided it was time to go to Cronkite. We were makin our way downtown (walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound) when we decided to jam out to Metro Station.

and it did.

and it did.

We made it to the Cronkite campus and found comfort in the First Amendment Forum (a big ass room with comfy chairs).

It was 4:30 a.m. and we needed to get sleep.

Eventually we were able to sleep from 5 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. What a mess.

We crammed and crammed and then met our professor before the exam at the coffee shop across the street. She treated the whole class to coffee before we took her final! How sweet. Then it was time get down to business. We got to class ready to take our LAST FINAL EXAM OF THE SEMESTER. But then Tiffany lost her phone…

The exam went quite well but after it was done, Tiffany and I had bigger fish to fry. Where was her phone? She had left it at the coffee shop but it was gone. She had gone back five minutes after she left the coffee shop and it was gone. There was just one girl there (the worker) when she left. And that same girl when she got back. We concluded that the bitch stole the phone.

HORRIBLE. When I finally got back home Thursday morning, I still had not yet slept and was still sick as a dog. But I had no money and so I went in to the good ole’ Red Lobster to make some cash. Serving on no sleep is almost near impossible but I made it through!

The Conclusion

The following day was the last day of interning at SheKnows and we all went out to play laser tag. Just us interns, and Elise, the most amazing internship supervisor ever. Finally a fun end to the week of torture. It was nice to end on a good note 🙂

fucking presh.

fucking presh.



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