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Bold Bitch and the City | Part One: Looking for Gold

My One Night Stand with New York City



This is the official diary of my first trip to New York City. All my life, I had dreamt of being in the middle of Times Square, taking a walk through Central Park and having tea at the Plaza Hotel. But I got much more than the usual tourist experience. I had a sense of rebirth. New York was like a pump of adrenaline to my whole outlook in life, at a time when I started to lose focus. At one point I think I even lost sight of what the Bold Bitch Diaries are all about. It’s important to always rediscover what it is you want, because we are always evolving, always changing. I will forever want some sort of force against me, I will always want to be fighting. Without the struggle, comes lack of creativity and lack of passion. What will happen when I finally get my shit together?

The Arrival

There I was. Fresh off the plane at JFK rolling around a fifty-pound suitcase packed to the fullest with about 12 outfits and exactly 4 pairs of shoes.

It was a four-day trip. Still it seemed completely logical.

I took the same flight as James, my friend and tour guide/PR specialist/writer/blogger/New York native/all around worldly mother f**ka. He’s that guy you know who is pretty much an expert at everything and has fun facts about history, culture, and architecture ready-to-go in his back pocket. It helps that he’s your run-of-the-mill good-looking white gay man with a big enough personality that could land him a leading role in the gay version of Sex and the City (gayer version of Sex and the City).

My packing situation before leaving.

My packing situation before leaving.

I lost James on our way to baggage claim as he went to go take a phone call. I came across a woman from a country I had never heard of before and frankly, don’t remember. She and I were chatting it up, talking about New York, her job and Celine Dion (go figure). I felt really cool to be talking to this sweet, pretty and successful international lady and then James showed up. All of a sudden, both of them just start speaking in Arabic to each other.


Impressed and jealous at the same time, I nodded my head as they continued to talk to each other in this foreign language. I just kept thinking in my head, “THIS BITCH.” Apparently the country this woman is from is located in the Middle East and naturally, James had done some PR work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (I’m over him).

After lugging my big ass suitcase from subway train to subway train, we made it to where we would be staying: The Jane hotel.

The City

James and I met Michelle and Mikey at The Jane. They had been there for a few hours already (white people bein’ so damn early all the time) and I was happy to see both of them.

Michelle is mah gurl. We say we’re each other’s “beards” which doesn’t really make sense but it’s funny so we go with it. She’s the ultimate blazer wearin’, Converse lovin’ power lesbian. Literally one of the coolest chicks I know. Mikey is like my child, he’s completely bonkers in the best way possible and is one of the funniest people I know.

Our hotel rooms were small but quite nice, and were definitely manageable for a four day stay in New York. We weren’t planning on staying in the hotel the whole trip anyways. Once we were settled, we took New York  like Kim and Kourtney.


Times Square (obviously).

First of all, everyone in New York is fucking GORGEOUS. And I’m pretty sure every guy I came across was homosexual. Welcome to Manhattan.

We went to a couple establishments to scope out the nightlife no matter how tired and jet lagged we were. But it was time for me to let loose. I had been gettin’ stressed with school, work and interning and needed to let my hurrr down. My professor even asked me if I was OK after class one day and I started crying. WHAT A MESS. This night would the beginning of becoming myself again.

I wouldn’t have come to New York for a quick four-day trip and blow all my money just to have fun and be free. I wanted something out of it. I couldn’t wait to go to the gala the next day with Matt Lauer , Gayle King and Jane Velez-Mitchell on the guest list. Perhaps I could find answers to who I wanted to be over wine and small talk.

I, Robert Soares, was on the hunt for gold. Nothing would get in my way. And then, it was there, in a New York night club, where I discovered whiskey.

to be continued…

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  1. Hannah says

    The entire time I read your blog I have a smile on my face! And then I laugh out loud and look like a fool at work. Love your writing Robert!!

  2. Mark says

    At first I was like, “eh I don’t feel like reading.” Then I was sad that it was over. Thanks a lot, you’re too fabulous.

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