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Angela Anne talks Love, Religion and Kurt Cobain [VIDEO]

A True Artist

by Robert Samuel Soares

The truth of the matter is, when it comes to soul, Angela Anne has you covered. Whether she’s sippin’ Lavender Lemonade or dreaming of the city, it is clear that her lyrics are genuine and her style is unique.


The first time I interviewed Angela Anne was at a coffee shop back in December. She gushed about the upcoming release of her new single, Lavender Lemonade, which is now available to download on her Bandcamp page.

“Lavender Lemonade” is the almost-grown-up tale of young love, a detonation of soaring vocals and acoustic guitars. Straying away from heavy production creates a raw quality that perfectly executes an indie pop masterpiece, best described as a cinematic siren call to a Chevy drivin’ all American boy.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing about him,” Angela said of her muse for the song. “I don’t think anyone could ever forget their first love. It’s like taking your first steps, you’re moving from being a little kid to figuring out who you are, and you can’t figure out who you are without other people. And when you put all of yourself into another person, that’s when you start to learn a lot about yourself.”

At this hipster coffee shop, Angela could have easily picked up a tray and started serving tables without drawing much attention from staff or customers. But naturally being the artist that she is, her style comes with a twist, something she describes as, “Great Gatsby with a cool modern hip-hop spin.”


Angela said her artistic choice to wear 20s style dresses is intended to call for an element of surprise.

“When you hear my voice and you hear my music, I want to have that hip-hop element, but when you see me–I want you to be like, ‘that doesn’t necessarily go with what she’s doing.’”

It’s the irony of it, the walking paradox that is Angela Anne’s artistic vision.

More Angela Anne:

Music | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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