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3 Ways to Spot a Thirsty Facebook Friend

As spinsters, sometimes we start acting too thirsty. To say someone is thirsty, is to say someone is way too eager for love and attention. Eagerness is not an attractive trait at all. No one wants to give you the time of day if you actin’ thirsty. There are thirsties everywhere and some of them are on your Facebook friends list. These aren’t the people you talk to daily, or close friends, these are people who only wish they knew you. Here are some ways you can identify a thirsty person on Facebook by the posts they like on your page. Knowing this will also help prevent you from doing the same thing.

The “Invitation” Status

Example: “I really want to see Finding Nemo 3D. Who’s with me?”

Why Thirsties Like It: They obviously want to hang out with you. Posting a status about wanting to hang out is an invitation but thirsty people are too nervous to say anything directly to you about it, so they are definitely not going to comment on the status. That’s just too dangerous. What if you were to ignore their comment? Not even like it? That would be embarrassing because everyone on your friends list will see that you have no interest in creating a friendship with this thirsty bitch. So what do they do? They simply like the status, reminding you that you know them, and implying that there is indeed the option of he or she accompanying you.

The “Cause you had a bad day” Status

Example: “Kind of a bad day today, but it’s all good! There’s always tomorrow.”

Why Thirsties Like It: Thirsties want to be there for you. They want to be the one you call when you have a problem. Why? a) Thirsties want to feel needed, b) Thirsties want to gain your trust, and c) deep down, thirsties want to know that you’re doing worse than they are. If you’re a mess, that brings you down to their level, at least in their minds.

The Old Profile Picture


This profile picture is from Senior year of high school. If you're liking this, you're probably thirsty.

This profile picture is from Senior year of high school. If you’re liking this, you’re probably thirsty.

Why Thirsties Like It: If a thirsty trick really wants to gain your attention, he or she will “like” a profile picture of yours from a long ass time ago. This exposes his or her interest because he or she is taking the time to go through old photos.



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