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A Proper Introduction

Hey boo, my name is Robert Soares.

I am an Arizona State University junior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, majoring in journalism and specializing in PR.

I’m kind of a mess (an organized mess) who lives for pop culture and being a bad ass (girl, I’m strugglin’). I am in the process of writing a book titled, “Skittles for Breakfast” about my tragic high school love life and the people from my teenage years who have made me who I am today.

I am an Editorial Intern at and a majestic server at my local Red Lobster. If you ever want cheesy biscuits, I got the hookup, yo.

The purpose of this blog is to connect with at least one person, a lost soul who has a free ticket to the Hot Mess Express. Well if you are that person, I’m here for you girl (man) I gotchu. I know what it’s like to be a single, career driven college student without prospects.

I’m probably just dramatic, but the drama of it all (not stupid high school drama, I mean the glamorization of your own failures and successes) is what fuels my desire to make a difference in this world. So if my relationship forecast tells me that I’ll become a lonely spinster with five dogs (I’m super allergic to cats), then so be it. I’ll claim my spinsterhood now and get it over with. Maybe then I will truly alter my future.

This is the diary of a gay spinster.

xoxo Robert


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