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Love is a Choice


I just think it’s so stupid when people say you don’t have a choice in who you fall in love with, like it’s something that’s forced upon you.

When in reality, before you fall in love, you voluntarily let go a piece of yourself in the search for something to make whole. You pry at the circumstances, circle around the possibilities, and determine the consequences. You get up an hour earlier to make sure you have enough time to prepare your face and outfit, you wear three times as much deodorant and brush your teeth so hard that your gums start bleeding. You talk to this person about your deepest secrets, you let this person pay for your dinner, and you text at two in the morning until you eventually fall asleep.

And at that moment, at that glorifying discovery that you have officially fallen head first in love with this person, you realize there was nothing else in the whole wide world that you had been searching for. Just him. Just her.

In other words, you wanted it bitch, no matter how many times you’ve come home crying about the last one.


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